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FAQ & Answers


1. Q
. I thought that all of the asbestos in buildings has already been removed.
    A. There is still a lot of asbestos material in homes, businesses and commercial building. Asbestos containing Building materials are estimated to have been put into over 3,000 products. In the construction boom of the 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s, a lot of construction materials had asbestos content. It will take many years down the road to get most asbestos products out of buildings.

 2. Q. I am planning some remodeling, how would I know if I have asbestos in my house or building?
     A. The best way to determine if the building material that will be disturbed or removed, could possibly have asbestos, is by have a qualified person take a small sample of the material and do laboratory testing. This test (PLM method) will determine if the material has asbestos and if it does, what type and the concentration content weight in a percentage. Any material containing greater than 1% is regulated.

 3. Q. What does the word asbestos mean?
A. The term “asbestos” is not a mineralogical definition. It is a commercial designation for mineral products that possess high tensile strength, flexibility, resistance to chemical and thermal degradation and high electrical resistance and can be woven. The use of asbestos dates back to the Egyptian times.

 4. Q. How do I know if a contractor planning on doing remodeling or demolition for me is certified to do asbestos removal in my home or building?
 A. You can ask to see the company’s Georgia EPD Asbestos Contractor’s License or go to the State’s web site ( to see a listing of all licensed Asbestos Contractors.

1. Q. I do not see mold, but there is a smell.  We are sick all the time.
     A.  you can contact a company that does mold testing,  They will  come in and take samples.  There are many different types of testing.  Please contact Beverly at 678-524-0203, or you can email her at NESI. for cost or for more information.

2.Q. I live in an apartment, I know there is mold but they will not do anything about it. I want a free inspection to prove there is mold.
    A.  The homeowner/landlord is the person you would need to contact. They would have to contact us.  If you do not see visible mold, you will have to have testing that would require lab fees.

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